Custom Metaboxes and Fields 1.0.0 Released!

From the WebDevStudios blog, talks about a big release for Custom Metaboxes and Fields.

Custom Metaboxes and Fields 1.0.0 Released!

Peer Recommended Web Hosts (WordPress & otherwise)

If you’ve ever tried a web search for something like “top web hosts” or “best shared hosting,” you know that finding legitimate information is much like finding The Loch Ness Monster. A couple months ago, I had a… Read More

Bookmarklet to Highlight Tasks Assigned to Me (or other users) in Basecamp

Basecamp classic showed a light yellow highlight under tasks assigned to me, but NEW Basecamp seems to have lost that UX feature. If you want a quick way to toggle those highlights, drag the bookmarks below to your… Read More

A print_r() or var_dump() replacement that expands the variable into valid PHP code.

Occasionally you want to expand an object or array variable to see what it contains. Typically we would use a variation of print_r() or var_dump() to do this, but the down side is there is no way simple way… Read More

TwitterWP — A WordPress tool to get you connected to the Twitter 1.1 API

While updating my DsgnWrks Twitter Importer, I took the time to abstract the “Connect to Twitter” part. This will hopefully be an invaluable tool to anyone working with Twitter’s API in WordPress, or has clients that need their old… Read More

Sublime Text WordPress Debugging Snippets

Debugging, if not THE top, is close to the top of a web developer’s activities. That being the case I think every developer should have a personalized and custom set of debugging tools at their disposal to make… Read More

Primer On Globals, PHP, Classes. or OOP.

What the OOP is a PHP Class?

WordPress Shortcode Category to set Post Formats when posting from IFTTT

Two days ago, Mark Jaquith wrote a post over on Make WordPress Core introducing the new default theme that will be shipped with WordPress 3.6 aptly named “Twenty Thirteen.” This theme is a few steps in a different… Read More

WordPress 3.5 admin columns for custom taxonomies

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