WPSessions: “Custom Meta and Settings with CMB2”

Last Friday I had the privilege to present on CMB2 for WPSessions. If you use CMB2 at all or are interested in getting started, I HIGHLY recommend you purchase that session.

Please support WPSessions and CMB2 by purchasing the session here.

My presentation/notes for that session can be found here.

My Sublime Text 3 Packages

I’ve really appreciated getting a glimpse into the ST3 tools others are using (the latest of which is John Blackbourn’s which was inspired by Dominik Schilling’s) and so here is my own. Here are the packages I use(d): Update 06-21-2017: For the… Read More

WP_Error vs PHP Exceptions in WordPress

So today, I instigated a lively discussion on the topic of WP_Error vs PHP Exceptions. I’m curious why try/catch exceptions are rarely used in WP dev? Any insight? — Justin Sternberg (@Jtsternberg) April 2, 2015 A great deal… Read More

Use CMB2 to Create a New Post Submission Form

On the WebDevStudios blog, I wrote a tutorial which provides a pretty in-depth walk-through to demonstrate using CMB2 to create a new post submission form. While the specific implementation is for new posts, the principles in the post can be applied to just about any kind of content in WordPress.

Use CMB2 to Create a New Post Submission Form

WordPress admin bar tweaks for extremely large networks

WordPress multisite is an awesome tool, but has its limitations and caveats, ESPECIALLY when you’re dealing with very large networks. At WebDevStudios, we use this snippet to prevent the ‘My Sites’ menu from querying every site on the… Read More

A function timer… function

Handy function that calculates your function/method execution time so you can optimize your code’s performance.

Using Class Autoloaders (in WordPress?!)

The other day, I tweeted out that I believe there is hesitancy in the WordPress world to use autoloaders. Don’t believe me? I feel like there’s hesitancy in the WP world w/ autoloaders. spl_autoload_register is your friend. Namespaces… Read More

Giuseppe Mazzapica on: “What is the best way to initiate a class in a WP plugin?”

Giuseppe Mazzapica wrote a very thought-provoking and insightful response to the question “What is the best way to initiate a class in a WP plugin?” on wordpress.stackexchange.com. I definitely recommend a read. It will probably make you smarter.

CMB2 WordPress Plugin: What is it good for? Absolutely everything!

From the WebDevStudios blog, a general overview of CMB2 and how it compares to the original library, Custom Metaboxes and Fields for WordPress.

CMB2 WordPress Plugin: What is it good for? Absolutely everything!

The false economy of Free WordPress plugins… — originally published by Dan Harrison (of WPDoctors.co.uk)

The one thing that people love about WordPress and the WordPress.org plugins is that they are free. Sure, they don’t cost any money. But they’re not truly free.

You can ask on the WordPress support forums for some help. Or you could email the developer for some help. You might get some help. But what if you don’t get any help? You’ll probably need to pay for some help from a techie or a developer.

But what does it feel like to be the developer of a free WordPress plugin? Read on to find out more…