Story|ftw extends the publishing power of your WordPress theme. Allows you to easily tell full screen — no header, footer, or menu — stories with a rich range of content and style elements.

Publish on WordPress? Have mobile traffic that continues to rise? Are you fighting to keep your readers focused on your stories?

Us too.

Originally the plugin was created to better capture and convert the ever rising mobile traffic from paid Facebook ads. During the course of development it has grown in range and scope and bells and whistles.

We are eager to see what folks might use it for.

We plan to update the plugin often.


  • Uses regular WordPress editing features
  • Completely eliminates your header and footer and menu.
  • Full screen image backgrounds
  • Full screen gif backgrounds
  • Full screen video backgrounds (fallback to jpeg or gif on mobile devices)
  • Easily add call to action buttons via shortcodes
  • Easily embed youtube or vimeo via shortcodes
  • Drag and drop page re-ordering
  • Add social sharing via shortcodes on any story page
  • Easily caption photos and give love to the photographers and artists
  • Complete granular control over all colors – stay on brand
  • Story re-direct feature. After your story is complete re-direct to any url
  • Easy to add a Table of Contents as well as logo to any story
  • Check it out on your tablet or phone – thumb swiping tablet/mobile optimized navigation

So What Can It Do? Some Early Implementations…

So What Would You Like It To Do

You tell us. Submit a Feature Request.

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Latest version: Download story|ftw v0.1.4 [zip]


  1. Upload the entire /storyftw directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate story|ftw through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Create a story.
  4. Create a page to ‘host’ your story.



  • Bug fix: Backround video attached to first story page will now play automatically.


  • Bug fix: Share link couldn’t be disabled in social sharing shortcode.


  • The concatenated vendor script was not in the whitelist, causing the JS to fail under certain conditions.



  • First release


  1. Replace any WordPress page with a story.

    Replace any WordPress page with a story.

  2. Create a story & story global settings.

    Create a story & story global settings.

  3. Story global settings continued.

    Story global settings continued.

  4. Story page re-ordering.

    Story page re-ordering.

  5. Embed a background image/gif or video.

    Embed a background image/gif or video.