Giuseppe Mazzapica on: “What is the best way to initiate a class in a WP plugin?”

Giuseppe Mazzapica wrote a very thought-provoking and insightful response to the question “What is the best way to initiate a class in a WP plugin?” on I definitely …

The false economy of Free WordPress plugins… — originally published by Dan Harrison (of


The one thing that people love about WordPress and the plugins is that they are free. Sure, they don’t cost any money. But they’re not truly free.

You can ask on the WordPress support forums for some help. Or you could email the developer for some help. You might get some help. But what if you don’t get any help? You’ll probably need to pay for some help from a techie or a developer.

But what does it feel like to be the developer of a free WordPress plugin? Read on to find out more…

Interview with Troy Dean on WP Elevation

Thanks to Lisa for suggesting he have me on, and thanks to Troy for taking her up on it! Check it out.

“CMB2: The Metabox Strikes Back” – WordCamp Raleigh Presentation

Follow along with the slides over here. view on

Host your code snippets in WordPress, and embed them in your content — Enter Code Snippets CPT


Code Snippets CPT is a WordPress plugin for managing and displaying code snippets. It adds a custom post type for managing your code snippets with taxonomies for classifying the …

Make custom post type edit page one column


Just a quick snippet. In case you need to make a custom post type screen be one column, you need to add/modify two filters. This example uses CPT_Core:

Sending a server-side (WordPress/PHP) development environment variable to your scripts

This is written for PHP and/or WordPress, but the principle applies to any server-side language. First we’ll we’ll create a php function for determining our environment: This function …

Two Three Great Posts for Open Source Software Maintainers

After maintaining CMB for some time, I’ve had to learn some of the principles in the following articles the hard way, and am planning on integrating those that I haven’t yet. “Merge …

Alfred Workflows

Alfred workflows is a new min-hobby for me, and as I create them to make my life easier, I’ll do my best to share them here. Alfred Gets …

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