Why you (we) should care about disabled Javascript

The conversation came up internally at WebDevStudios, and I knew I had seen Ethan Marcotte, and/or Mat Marquis rant on it a bit before (I mean that in the best way), so I hit them up on twitter:

They did not disappoint.

The conversation spread, and I got a some great input from a few others as well (thanks Sally JenkinsonZack Rothauser, Nicolas Hoizey, and Adrian Roselli!):

Since I got such great responses and resources, I wanted to get it all down here on the blog so I could keep it as a reference. Hopefully it helps you as well.

Additional Resources:

  1. Everyone has JavaScript, right?

2 Comments on “Why you (we) should care about disabled Javascript

  1. “ensuring our work is accessible if the JS doesn’t download/execute.” – pretty much sums it up for me. Well done on the post though.

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