“Is experience exactly the same as pessimism?”

This Dilbert strip is painfully accurate. (h/t @Rarst)

2 Comments on ““Is experience exactly the same as pessimism?”

  1. I know a variation of this that you may appreciate. I knew this because I spent a number of years on the field…

    A real estate development company is receiving an award for always bringing their projects in on time and under budget. It’s a huge award. Huge! At the ceremony, their rep is asked how they accomplish this stunning feat. He answers:

    “Well, it’s really very simple. We gather all of the responses to our requests for bids. We tally all of these up for a project, and when we’re done, we take the highest values and we multiply times three. That’s becomes our baseline, our target.”

    “Now, you might think this is absurd. But here’s where it really matters. If we can’t see the ROI for the project based upon these projections, then we must seriously question whether this is a good application of our energies and resources. This kind of thinking keeps you from making really bad mistakes.”