Host your code snippets in WordPress, and embed them in your content — Enter Code Snippets CPT

Code Snippets CPT is a WordPress plugin for managing and displaying code snippets. It adds a custom post type for managing your code snippets with taxonomies for classifying the snippets. But what’s a snippet if you can’t display it?  Syntax… Read More

Sending a server-side (WordPress/PHP) development environment variable to your scripts

This is written for PHP and/or WordPress, but the principle applies to any server-side language. First we’ll we’ll create a php function for determining our environment: This function will return 1 for production, 2 for your staging environment,… Read More

Alfred Workflows

Alfred workflows is a new min-hobby for me, and as I create them to make my life easier, I’ll do my best to share them here. Alfred Gets Giffy (wit it): Alfred workflow to search WDS Giffy. Open Xcode… Read More

Custom Metaboxes and Fields 1.0.0 Released!

From the WebDevStudios blog, talks about a big release for Custom Metaboxes and Fields.

Custom Metaboxes and Fields 1.0.0 Released!

Bookmarklet to Highlight Tasks Assigned to Me (or other users) in Basecamp

Basecamp classic showed a light yellow highlight under tasks assigned to me, but NEW Basecamp seems to have lost that UX feature. If you want a quick way to toggle those highlights, drag the bookmarks below to your… Read More

WordPress Shortcode Category to set Post Formats when posting from IFTTT

Two days ago, Mark Jaquith wrote a post over on Make WordPress Core introducing the new default theme that will be shipped with WordPress 3.6 aptly named “Twenty Thirteen.” This theme is a few steps in a different… Read More