Loading the Optimal WordPress Object Cache Implementation

On the webdevstudios blog, I wrote about wrangling your object-cache.php file. Check it out.

WP_Error vs PHP Exceptions in WordPress

So today, I instigated a lively discussion on the topic of WP_Error vs PHP Exceptions. I’m curious why try/catch exceptions are rarely used in WP dev? Any insight? — Justin Sternberg (@Jtsternberg) April 2, 2015 A great deal… Read More

Use CMB2 to Create a New Post Submission Form

On the WebDevStudios blog, I wrote a tutorial which provides a pretty in-depth walk-through to demonstrate using CMB2 to create a new post submission form. While the specific implementation is for new posts, the principles in the post can be applied to just about any kind of content in WordPress.

Use CMB2 to Create a New Post Submission Form

WordPress admin bar tweaks for extremely large networks

WordPress multisite is an awesome tool, but has its limitations and caveats, ESPECIALLY when you’re dealing with very large networks. At WebDevStudios, we use this snippet to prevent the ‘My Sites’ menu from querying every site on the… Read More

Using Class Autoloaders (in WordPress?!)

The other day, I tweeted out that I believe there is hesitancy in the WordPress world to use autoloaders. Don’t believe me? I feel like there’s hesitancy in the WP world w/ autoloaders. spl_autoload_register is your friend. Namespaces… Read More

CMB2 WordPress Plugin: What is it good for? Absolutely everything!

From the WebDevStudios blog, a general overview of CMB2 and how it compares to the original library, Custom Metaboxes and Fields for WordPress.

CMB2 WordPress Plugin: What is it good for? Absolutely everything!

Host your code snippets in WordPress, and embed them in your content — Enter Code Snippets CPT

Code Snippets CPT is a WordPress plugin for managing and displaying code snippets. It adds a custom post type for managing your code snippets with taxonomies for classifying the snippets. But what’s a snippet if you can’t display it?  Syntax… Read More

Sending a server-side (WordPress/PHP) development environment variable to your scripts

This is written for PHP and/or WordPress, but the principle applies to any server-side language. First we’ll we’ll create a php function for determining our environment: This function will return 1 for production, 2 for your staging environment,… Read More

Custom Metaboxes and Fields 1.0.0 Released!

From the WebDevStudios blog, talks about a big release for Custom Metaboxes and Fields.

Custom Metaboxes and Fields 1.0.0 Released!

Primer On Globals, PHP, Classes. or OOP.

What the OOP is a PHP Class?