Loading the Optimal WordPress Object Cache Implementation

On the webdevstudios blog, I wrote about wrangling your object-cache.php file. Check it out.

Use CMB2 to Create a New Post Submission Form

On the WebDevStudios blog, I wrote a tutorial which provides a pretty in-depth walk-through to demonstrate using CMB2 to create a new post submission form. While the specific implementation is for new posts, the principles in the post can be applied to just about any kind of content in WordPress.

Use CMB2 to Create a New Post Submission Form

Using Class Autoloaders (in WordPress?!)

The other day, I tweeted out that I believe there is hesitancy in the WordPress world to use autoloaders. Don’t believe me? I feel like there’s hesitancy in the WP world w/ autoloaders. spl_autoload_register is your friend. Namespaces… Read More

Make custom post type edit page one column

Just a quick snippet. In case you need to make a custom post type screen be one column, you need to add/modify two filters. This example uses CPT_Core: